Amazake, which is basically “Sweet Sake”, is usually very low or non alcoholic. However due to the process in which it’s made, and depending on the way it is made, it has the potential to carry a load of health benefits.

It may not look great, but it sure tastes amazing!

I explain more about the details in the video below, but if you’re not a video person the recap is below the video:

Amazake is said to provide a variety of health benefits, including hair and skin care, weight loss, sleep aid, managing stress and depression and better concentration. Now I’m not a doctor so I have no idea if this is true, but I found a lot of sources online that say it is. My opinion is, it tastes good and I enjoy it, so if it also has health benefits that’s a plus!

There are ways to make it from scratch, which I would love to go into next time once I do some investigating of my own.

Here are some photos from the above video, if you have any questions I would be happy to answer anytime.

Small drinkable type

A bigger very delicious type

Concentrated type, my favorite

If you haven’t already tried amazake, definitely head to your local Japanese market and try and find some. It’s refreshing hot in winter and cold in summer, so don’t hesitate to enjoy the taste and health benefits that go with it!