Journey to Tottori Part 1: Amanohashidate!


My journey was set for Tottori, since my first week in Japan I’ve been so interested in making this trip. But Tottori is so far and out of the way it just never seemed to line up right.

Finally weather, time and community support helped me get out there, and the first major destination I visited was Amanohashidate, which is one of Japan’s top 3 beautiful sights. I had to make this a stop along the way.

Its amazing that this sandbar was created naturally and stretches out across the this bay on the Sea of Japan. Absolutely loved the view and you can walk/bike it to the other side and enjoy a completely different view from that side:

With a beautiful shrine in the middle dedicated to Dragon Gods with a famous historical spring right next to it, this place was amazing!

come check out this beautiful place with me!


Exploring Old Japan in Tochigi “Koedo”

In todays adventure, we decided to check out a less touristy location that features old buildings and a lot of history.

There are so many of these old style Edo Era buildings that you get used to seeing them, it’s a really enjoyable walk through these neighborhoods.

A “Kura” or storage house. Having one of these was a huge flex, they took time and money to build and it also was a sign you have things valuable enough to store in a special unit. The clay siding helped keep the temperature inside regulated, so it was also a good place for making ume she, sake etc.

It was interesting how businesses used these buildings as if they were a normal shop building

The remains of an old real estate agency…the clothes hanging up inside indicate maybe someone lives here….

Along a historic river was what almost seemed like relics of the past. It was really fun to see these places as we took a stroll on the river.

Come join us and see some really unique sites along the way!

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Matsushiro Underground Imperial Headquarters

I didn’t know about this place until I saw it on a documentary, and I decided to go for an adventure to explore an area that is well off the beaten path.

The walk up was beautiful and quiet
Theres a cool shrine on the way that’s worth checking out
Th entrance is funny, translation in the video
such a great place to explore!

Come check it out!

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Journey to Shikoku Island

In a 5 day solo journey by car to explore the 4th major island of Japan, I visited sites in each of the 4 prefectures:

Naruto City in Tokushima, and the Naruto Whirlpools underneath
The Zenigata Sand Sculpture of Kagawa
Kochi Castle in Kochi
Dogo Onsen in Ehime

Of course I saw so many other things along the way, come join me for the highlights of the trip and experience a side of Japan not many people experience!

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Using Drones in Japan and look at the DJI Mini 2

If you watch my videos, you know I love to use my drone. Up until now I’ve been using DJI’s Mavic Mini, and every single issue I had with it has been addressed in the new Mini 2. Come check out my new video and see how using drones in Japan is, and a first look at the Mini 2!

The Mavic Mini was great, but I had a few issues…and it seems like DJI read my mind, cause the new model has nailed every point.

My complaints, the 2.7k (not 4k) video, the range from the remote, the lack of propeller restraint for storage, and the weakness to wind. They addressed every single point and made an amazing upgrade!

Original Mavic Mini controller

Upgraded remote with longer distance capability
In Japan, the lighter model means lower battery life so the Fly More Combo is the way to go
Can’t wait to try it out!

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30x Spicy Curry!!!

I found LEE curry 10x, 20x and 30x spicy curry. Couldn’t resist giving them a try and making a video of the experience.

10x spicy curry has an after bite
20x Spicy Curry definitely kicks it up a notch
30x Spice including some insanity God Izumo Peppers

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Journey to the Noto Peninsula

Decided to finally explore the Noto Peninsula, which is on the Sea of Japan. With Shoko and the dogs in tow, we made our way to the top of Noto by living in our car and traveling for 6 days straight.

Having a great time on our adventure

So many great sights, we had no plan or hotel just traveling around and stopping where things looked interesting.

3 crabs for $20 U.S. was a good start

It was insane how different this area of Japan was, check out this beach that’s a bit different than normal..

How very Japanese style
Ocean waterfall on the side
Ever seen Godzilla Rock? Get ready for bad dubbing!
This was a big project, hope everyone enjoys!!

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Talking and Cooking with a Yakitori Master

Hideo Makabe is a very inspirational man. He set out to study how to be an electrician at a school in Tokyo, joined a TV jazz band, and at the age of 50, started a Yakitori shop.

A real inside look, this was a lot of fun!

27 years later, at the rocking age of 77, he is running this place single handedly and does an amazing job. This is one of my all time favorite restaurants. He doesn’t use premade things, he does every single dish from scratch and you can taste it in every bite.

Here is a preview of some of his basic dishes:

Definitely check out the video, his story is interesting and motivating, and we make some food together (tsukune!)

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Beautiful Mountain Park – 4500+ Hydrangeas!!

Located in Chichibu, Saitama, is a beautiful mountain park that has over 4,500 Hydrangeas. It’s a gorgeous location and I take you on a tour through this quiet and breathtaking environment. Here are just a few of the sights you can see!

So many beautiful sights up here
Nice aerial shot
Found some “Chichibu Soul Food”

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American Rock Bar in Japan

We’ve all seen those classic style rock bars in movies and music videos. And if you have ever been to one, I don’t think you have seen one quite like this place

There is just something really amazing about this bar. The owner runs it with his wife, who cooks up some delicious food. He understands English, and always seems to have the best music playing. I hope you all have a chance to check this place out.

I would say that every time I go is a unique and fun experience. It’s located in Chiba, so even if you are in Tokyo you can find a way out there pretty quickly.

Located right next to either Shin-Yahashira station on the Musashino Line, or Yabashira station on the Shin-Keisei Line, it’s accessible from many places.


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Kirin Tap Beer for Your Home!

Finally, it arrived!

6 months ago we applied for this service, and finally we were able to get our first delivery. Kirin now has a home tap solution where you can pour draft beer from a tap in your kitchen with ease. The subscription includes craft and seasonal beers that make this system very exciting.

the unit with basic Kirin Ichiban beer, even this level was amazing so I can’t wait to try the special beers!

1 liter each but they really put out some good brew. As always impressed with Japan and how they can make anything micro and efficient!

Japan’s Miniature World 3

3rd segment in this fun little series, where I explore some of the random and sometimes insanely funny mini products, mostly in Gacha machines but sometimes from other sources.

Sushi erasers, sassy cat pen holders, lets see some of the things I look at in this video:

Miniature Snipers

Miniature Sniper is something I’ve already had a lot of fun with, while messing with my wife haha

Sega Tissue Holders

I still use my dreamcast portable tissue holder

Tiny Bear Traps

This is another one of those fun ones, I use as a beer guard in the video..but the uses are endless

Mini Food Stalls

These are just a few of the things I check out in this video, my favorite so far of the Japan’s Miniature World Series. Hope you enjoy it!

Demon Forged Volcanic Park – Onioshidashien

It’s no surprise that Japan is full of active volcanos, being on the Ring of Fire and all. But it is surprising to find a walking path around the devastation created by a massive volcano in the almost center of Japan in 1783.

Enter “Onioshidashien” which most likely refers to the locals believing that a demon inhabited the mountain and pushed out all these rocks.

Comical rendition of how this place came to be. Thanks to @Gaijin.Suzuki for making this awesome comic!

Come join this little adventure into the middle of nowhere, enjoying the scenic view of what must have been mayhem hundreds of years ago.

Check it us out!

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Wacky Dog Products in Japan

Japan has a way of making funny and often unnecessarily weird products, and this also applies to dog products. Check out my latest video, there’s some funny stuff in there 🙂

The Quack!

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