If you watch my videos, you know I love to use my drone. Up until now I’ve been using DJI’s Mavic Mini, and every single issue I had with it has been addressed in the new Mini 2. Come check out my new video and see how using drones in Japan is, and a first look at the Mini 2!

The Mavic Mini was great, but I had a few issues…and it seems like DJI read my mind, cause the new model has nailed every point.

My complaints, the 2.7k (not 4k) video, the range from the remote, the lack of propeller restraint for storage, and the weakness to wind. They addressed every single point and made an amazing upgrade!

Original Mavic Mini controller

Upgraded remote with longer distance capability

In Japan, the lighter model means lower battery life so the Fly More Combo is the way to go

Can’t wait to try it out!