In todays adventure, we decided to check out a less touristy location that features old buildings and a lot of history.

There are so many of these old style Edo Era buildings that you get used to seeing them, it’s a really enjoyable walk through these neighborhoods.

A “Kura” or storage house. Having one of these was a huge flex, they took time and money to build and it also was a sign you have things valuable enough to store in a special unit. The clay siding helped keep the temperature inside regulated, so it was also a good place for making ume she, sake etc.

It was interesting how businesses used these buildings as if they were a normal shop building.

The remains of an old real estate agency…the clothes hanging up inside indicate maybe someone lives here…

Along a historic river was what almost seemed like relics of the past. It was really fun to see these places as we took a stroll on the river.

Come join us and see some really unique sites along the way!