30x Spicy Curry!!!

I found LEE curry 10x, 20x and 30x spicy curry. Couldn’t resist giving them a try and making a video of the experience.

10x spicy curry has an after bite
20x Spicy Curry definitely kicks it up a notch
30x Spice including some insanity God Izumo Peppers

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Journey to the Noto Peninsula

Decided to finally explore the Noto Peninsula, which is on the Sea of Japan. With Shoko and the dogs in tow, we made our way to the top of Noto by living in our car and traveling for 6 days straight.

Having a great time on our adventure

So many great sights, we had no plan or hotel just traveling around and stopping where things looked interesting.

3 crabs for $20 U.S. was a good start

It was insane how different this area of Japan was, check out this beach that’s a bit different than normal..

How very Japanese style
Ocean waterfall on the side
Ever seen Godzilla Rock? Get ready for bad dubbing!
This was a big project, hope everyone enjoys!!

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The Miniature World of Japan

I love vending machines, a pocket sized one is not a bad idea

Japan is amazing at making things smaller, which lends to a cute and interesting subculture. I wanted to explore a little of this and share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy this short video about the miniature world of Japan!

I must admit, I do too now

Here is a little preview of some of the cool things I found nearby

Cheerful Cola, back before the FDA banned the use of cocaine as a primary ingredient
two burgers, fries and a coke for 95 calories!
Baby’s first bartender kit

This was fun, I’d love to do another one with some other crazy miniatures again soon!

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Talking and Cooking with a Yakitori Master

Hideo Makabe is a very inspirational man. He set out to study how to be an electrician at a school in Tokyo, joined a TV jazz band, and at the age of 50, started a Yakitori shop.

A real inside look, this was a lot of fun!

27 years later, at the rocking age of 77, he is running this place single handedly and does an amazing job. This is one of my all time favorite restaurants. He doesn’t use premade things, he does every single dish from scratch and you can taste it in every bite.

Here is a preview of some of his basic dishes:

Definitely check out the video, his story is interesting and motivating, and we make some food together (tsukune!)

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Beautiful Mountain Park – 4500+ Hydrangeas!!

Located in Chichibu, Saitama, is a beautiful mountain park that has over 4,500 Hydrangeas. It’s a gorgeous location and I take you on a tour through this quiet and breathtaking environment. Here are just a few of the sights you can see!

So many beautiful sights up here
Nice aerial shot
Found some “Chichibu Soul Food”

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American Rock Bar in Japan

We’ve all seen those classic style rock bars in movies and music videos. And if you have ever been to one, I don’t think you have seen one quite like this place

There is just something really amazing about this bar. The owner runs it with his wife, who cooks up some delicious food. He understands English, and always seems to have the best music playing. I hope you all have a chance to check this place out.

I would say that every time I go is a unique and fun experience. It’s located in Chiba, so even if you are in Tokyo you can find a way out there pretty quickly.

Located right next to either Shin-Yahashira station on the Musashino Line, or Yabashira station on the Shin-Keisei Line, it’s accessible from many places.


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Japan’s Largest Shopping Mall Reopens….is it safe?

So Japan, slow to the pandemic precaution game, has decided that everything is okay now. On May 25th, 2020, with a slowing of new cases the State of Emergency was lifted. Businesses have started back up, but suprising to me is that Japan’s largest shopping mall has reopened and I wanted to see how many people are there, and what precautions they are taking.

I explore the mall just days after it’s reopen, that and more information about Japan’s biggest shopping mall are in the video below:

Interesting take on an already interesting place

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Making Japanese Plum Wine (Umeshu)

Making umeshu is incredibly easy, but your window for making it is quite small. Generally, the end of May and early June is the best time to get ume.

Check out this video to see more about Japanese Plums and how to make homemade Umeshu!

Here is the procedure, as well as the general recipes I follow. There is some wiggle room, and the more you make umeshu the more you will find what your kind of preference is.

The large container from the video was made with this recipe:

  • 1kg Ume
  • 1.5l White Liquor
  • 650g Rock Sugar

The smaller easy-make container was made with this recipe:

  • 500g Ume
  • 900ml White Liquor (already in the bottle)
  • Roughly 300g of Honey

#umeshu #honey #Japaneseplum #ume #howtomake #nomimono

Dog Culture in Japan

It is a real adventure owning dogs in Japan, and in my latest video I talk about some of the cool things you can do with dogs, and introduce my little puppers as well.

If you love dogs, and Japan, then this is the right thing for you!

I primarily take about dog runs and how Japan has so much support for dogs. It’s like a whole underground culture you don’t know about until you have one.

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