Nodoguro – Japan’s rare and delicious sushi

Are you a fan of sushi? I have been, since I was 9 years old. So I was shocked when I took a trip to the Hokuriku area of Japan. I was just looking to enjoy seeing a new ocean, as I had never been to the Sea of Japan..but I was happily surprised byContinue reading “Nodoguro – Japan’s rare and delicious sushi”

Amazake – Japan’s Ultra Superfood

Amazake, which is basically “Sweet Sake”, is usually very low or non alcoholic. However due to the process in which it’s made, and depending on the way it is made, it has the potential to carry a load of health benefits. I explain more about the details in the video below, but if you’re notContinue reading “Amazake – Japan’s Ultra Superfood”

10x Spicy Red Chicken

I have long been a fan of Karaage Kun Red, it’s that perfect pick me up when you are feeling a little naughty and deserve something with a little spice and nice flavor. When I saw this 10x version at Lawson, I couldn’t refuse Karaage Kun Red is already a bright color, let’s check thisContinue reading “10x Spicy Red Chicken”

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Flavored Food

The first video in Nomadic Gaijin’s channel talks a little about these products, which are just some of the many seasonal goodies found in Japan this time of year. First video, trying to keep things fun in these tough times… A little preview: #japan #travel #instajapan #japanlife #nippon #nihon #japanphoto #japanculture #lovejapan #japantravelguide #japanesefood #japantravelContinue reading “Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Flavored Food”