Journey to Tottori Part 1: Amanohashidate!

My journey was set for Tottori, since my first week in Japan I’ve been so interested in making this trip. But Tottori is so far and out of the way it just never seemed to line up right. Finally weather, time and community support helped me get out there, and the first major destination IContinue reading “Journey to Tottori Part 1: Amanohashidate!”

Kirin Tap Beer for Your Home!

6 months ago we applied for this service, and finally we were able to get our first delivery. Kirin now has a home tap solution where you can pour draft beer from a tap in your kitchen with ease. The subscription includes craft and seasonal beers that make this system very exciting. the unit withContinue reading “Kirin Tap Beer for Your Home!”

Japan’s Miniature World 3

3rd segment in this fun little series, where I explore some of the random and sometimes insanely funny mini products, mostly in Gacha machines but sometimes from other sources. Sushi erasers, sassy cat pen holders, lets see some of the things I look at in this video: Miniature Sniper is something I’ve already had aContinue reading “Japan’s Miniature World 3”

Exploring Old Japan in Tochigi “Koedo”

In todays adventure, we decided to check out a less touristy location that features old buildings and a lot of history. There are so many of these old style Edo Era buildings that you get used to seeing them, it’s a really enjoyable walk through these neighborhoods. A “Kura” or storage house. Having one ofContinue reading “Exploring Old Japan in Tochigi “Koedo””

Matsushiro Underground Imperial Headquarters

I didn’t know about this place until I saw it on a documentary, and I decided to go for an adventure to explore an area that is well off the beaten path. Come check it out! #nagano #matsushiro #ww2 #ww2japan #Japan #Japanese #NomadicGaijin #JapanTravel #offthebeatenpath

Journey to Shikoku Island

In a 5 day solo journey by car to explore the 4th major island of Japan, I visited sites in each of the 4 prefectures: Of course I saw so many other things along the way, come join me for the highlights of the trip and experience a side of Japan not many people experience!Continue reading “Journey to Shikoku Island”

Demon Forged Volcanic Park – Onioshidashien

It’s no surprise that Japan is full of active volcanos, being on the Ring of Fire and all. But it is surprising to find a walking path around the devastation created by a massive volcano in the almost center of Japan in 1783. Enter “Onioshidashien” which most likely refers to the locals believing that aContinue reading “Demon Forged Volcanic Park – Onioshidashien”

Using Drones in Japan and look at the DJI Mini 2

If you watch my videos, you know I love to use my drone. Up until now I’ve been using DJI’s Mavic Mini, and every single issue I had with it has been addressed in the new Mini 2. Come check out my new video and see how using drones in Japan is, and a firstContinue reading “Using Drones in Japan and look at the DJI Mini 2”