American Rock Bar in Japan

We’ve all seen those classic style rock bars in movies and music videos. And if you have ever been to one, I don’t think you have seen one quite like this place

There is just something really amazing about this bar. The owner runs it with his wife, who cooks up some delicious food. He understands English, and always seems to have the best music playing. I hope you all have a chance to check this place out.

I would say that every time I go is a unique and fun experience. It’s located in Chiba, so even if you are in Tokyo you can find a way out there pretty quickly.

Located right next to either Shin-Yahashira station on the Musashino Line, or Yabashira station on the Shin-Keisei Line, it’s accessible from many places.


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Published by Nomadic Gaijin

I’m an American living in Japan for over 11 years, I’m just here to share the adventures and knowledge I’ve found here and give a great experience to anyone interested in Japan.

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