Fishing Restaurant – Catch your Dinner!

There are a lot of theme restaurants in Japan, but this one was a really nice surprise. Housed in a giant warehouse, there was a huge boat in the middle, with water all around. You could fish from your table, or opt to fish from the boat.

Fishing right from your table
Going for the pirate style fishing!

Once you catch a fish, you can choose how you want it prepared and enjoy the delicious meal of something freshly caught.

We had this one sliced up and served as sashimi
I caught this one in a smaller pond, we had it “shioyaki” or salt grilled
Great atmosphere!
Challenge of finding dinner
Nice place overall

It’s been years since we went, but I would love to go again sometime soon. It’s a fun time, and the food is great! An experience I think most people would enjoy at least once.

Published by Nomadic Gaijin

I’m an American living in Japan for over 11 years, I’m just here to share the adventures and knowledge I’ve found here and give a great experience to anyone interested in Japan.

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