10x Spicy Red Chicken

Karaage Kun Red at 10x the spice level!

I have long been a fan of Karaage Kun Red, it’s that perfect pick me up when you are feeling a little naughty and deserve something with a little spice and nice flavor. When I saw this 10x version at Lawson, I couldn’t refuse

A warning about the level of spice and what’s inside. Even the chicken’s hair is on fire!

Karaage Kun Red is already a bright color, let’s check this one out.


And……It was so good. And Spicy! I don’t know if this will make a comeback but I will definitely buy it again

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Published by Nomadic Gaijin

I’m an American living in Japan for over 11 years, I’m just here to share the adventures and knowledge I’ve found here and give a great experience to anyone interested in Japan.

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